Handle With Care


Gold coated sterling silver requires special care. This is important because our pieces are delicate and we cannot take responsibility for careless wear/storage. 

Remember to store your jewelry in an airtight container when not in use, and to remove before applying perfumes, lotions, or before bathing. Chlorine, especially at high temperatures, can permanently damage or discolor your 18K gold coated jewelry. Avoid wearing gold coated jewelry while using chlorine bleach or while in a pool or hot tub.

To clean your jewelry, buff gently with a soft and dry 100% cotton cloth or a microfiber cloth. Never use chemical cleaners on gold coated jewelry as it can strip the gold finish. It is natural for gold plated jewelry to tarnish with time, it adds character to the item, and makes it as individual as you are. 


Sterling silver will oxidize over time, but can be cleaned very easily with the baking soda method or a silver polish cloth.

14K gold-filled jewelry can be cleaned with a little soap (e.g. shampoo or dish soap), water, and a soft toothbrush. Pat it dry with a clean soft cloth and let it air dry after. Make sure your jewelry pieces are completely dry before storing. If taken care of properly, your gold-filled jewelry can last a lifetime.

If for any reason your gold-filled jewelry has tarnished, you can use Windex and a soft cloth or the baking soda method used for sterling silver jewelry.