Neinties is a small Danish jewelry label. All of our jewelry is fairly made and assembled in Denmark. The materials and parts we use to create our jewelry originate from small-scaled artisans and manufacturers (approximately 90% from Europe and 10% from Thailand). Each piece is made to order in our atelier in Denmark.

All of our packaging is produced locally in Denmark. To reduce our paper trail we do not include a printed receipt with your purchase - you will however receive a receipt by e-mail. We also try to avoid unnecessary/single-use layers of packaging as much as possible.

Nice To Know

We only use precious metals for our jewelry, i.e. sterling silver, as well 18K gold coated sterling silver - giving the jewelry its warm yellow gold color. The thickness of the gold coating ranges from ½–3 micron depending on the type of jewelry. You can read more on (gold plated) jewelry care here.



You can contact us anytime through or leave us a comment on Instagram @neinties

 VAT. DK 34945519